As a human being, Whiteley's days are usually pretty similar to most other being on the planet. She wakes up, eats her weight in breakfast food, then jumps on her bike and heads into the studio to work on story-boarding, sketches, and comic book pages.

Whiteley began drawing seriously during her sophomore year of high school as a way to bring the stories she'd been writing since she was a child to life. She found inspiration in Japanese art as well as western Disney animation style. During her senior year at Sacred Heart Academy, Whiteley was drawn to Salve Regina University for its art program as well as the vast knowledge and personal attention that the professors provided in such a small university.

As a university student Whiteley has received The Best of Salve Painting 2013, The Best of Salve Illustration in 2014 and 2015, and The best of Salve Sculpture 2015. She has also been featured in the Dorrance Hamilton Galley in Newport RI, and the Hallspace Gallery in Boston MA, and has worked with professional graphic novelist Tracy Butler on her hit comic "Lackadaisy". 


Illustration is Whiteley's passion, and her upbringing has everything to do with this. As a mini version of herself she was always totally and completely supported by wonderful parents who - despite financial difficulty - made Whiteley and her younger brother feel that anything was achievable if they were willing to work hard at it. Her parents made sure that the siblings learned nothing was without dedication in this lifetime.

Seeing as Whiteley lived a very happy and fulfilling childhood thanks to the tireless efforts of her family, it should come as no surprise that most of her inspiration comes from the bonds between parents and children, friends, and most importantly siblings. Her stories focus on loving bonds, and strong independent characters, and the harmonious relationships of multiple races - speaking to equality of the sexes, the races, and a life of hard work and support from those you love.