Hank - 2017

At the beginning of the 20th century the American circus had become a staple in lives across the country. Most circus children were born into this incredible life, but it certainly was not unusual for a traveling circus to gain new members when their trains passed through poor towns…

Hank is a 24 page short story told through text and beautiful graphite drawings created specifically for children. The entire story is packaged with with a Japanese stab bound spine in a hand-sewn golden sleeve with "Hank" screen printed across the cover in red. Even the cover of this book has been fashioned after a circus ticket from the early 20th century complete with perforated edges.


The Unknown Insane Girl - 2017

In New York City 1887 young Nelly goes undercover to expose the systemic corruption of mental health care system, but what she discovers is more horrible than she could have ever imagined...

An 8 page Nonfiction scroll comic about the famous reporter Nelly Bly and the incredible story that made her career - 2 week work period


Manifested Destiny - 2016

When the king of an ancient civilization summons the astrological signs Aries and Pieces he seals not only the his own fate but the fate of his kingdom proving that one often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it...

A 16 page fantasy story completed as part of a 60 page anthology, the theme of which is "Astrology" - 1 month work period 


The Cow Head - 2016

Left abandoned in the woods, little Oksana must brace herself for the horrors of the forest. And that includes a demon that takes the form of a disembodied cow head...

A 12 page comic retelling the Ukrainian Fable "Cow's Head" through picture - 2 week work period


Milo's Blue Umbrella - 2016

When Milo finds a blue umbrella in the back of his closet he sets out on a quest to make it rain, the fact the he lives in a desert? Just a minor detail!

24 page children's book - 2 week work period


The Penn-Workers - 2015-16

A pair of siblings imbued with a magical type of technology take on the harsh city life to fend off the creatures that lurk in the dark and protect their family!

A 100 page graphic novel, only avaible for perchase - 9 month work period


My Princess - 2015

An evil snowman, the power of vitamin D, a robot cut down in his prime, and the princess he's always dream of...

A 4 page zine completed for a very random grad school application


Moth To The Flame - 2014

The age old theme of lost love...

1 page comic detailing the love of a moth and the light... - 1 week work period


Dupin - 2014

Two women are murdered in their London flat and all the neighbors heard was screaming in an ungodly language. There really is only one person qualified to assess this case.

A 2 page retelling of Poe's legendary detective Augustus Dupin in "The Murders of Rue Morgue" - 2 week work period


Cessus Volume One - 2013

The prologue to an offbeat, violent, and at times funny steampunk story

15 page prologue of an original story - 1 month work period